BRMmapInteractive map: Blue Ridge Marathon route, tips

For this Flash interactive, I provided photos and text, while interactive producer Chris Zaluski coded and designer Grant Jedlinsky designed artwork. The map took participants and fans through the inaugural Blue Ridge Marathon route and provided tips for where to take the best photos, spectate and more. The marathon has become a staple in Roanoke and the country, and this interactive was an important way to kick off the first event. (Note: the original project is no longer active on roanoke.com.)


1211_sketch_smallMicrosite: U.S. v. William A. White

When we found out that the 2009 federal case against William White — a self-described neo-Nazi leader — would last up to two weeks, our online team realized we had an important story to tell. This was a saga of First Amendment rights with more than a dozen characters that spread from Chicago to Virginia and points in between.

To tell the story, our online team dreamed up a microsite within just a few days that allowed federal courts reporter Laurence Hammack to post blog entries from the courthouse, as well as providing an archive for his previous stories. We also included an interactive showing the timeline of White’s story to-date and a cast of characters page to fill readers in.

Graphic artist Rob Lunsford drew sketches from the courtroom, and we posted hour-by-hour updates on our website.

Electronic devices are typically not allowed in federal court, but Hammack got special permission from the judge in the case to email back updates. I wrote about the historical nature of process afterward. (Note: Link goes to archive.org; the original project is no longer active on roanoke.com.)


i81-2I-81: Fear, Facts and the Future

Interstate 81 is an artery that runs up and down Southwest Virginia, and it’s become a daily part of life for those of us that call this area home, not to mention travelers passing through.

But the interstate is plagued by perceptions of danger and feelings that it’s not safe, so we wanted to know: what’s the reality? Where does the myth intersect with the truth?

This project was a true newsroom collaboration between online designers, video producers, photographers, writers, editors and more. At the direction of our online editor, I was responsible for building out select pages, designing certain site elements and spearheading the social media aspects.

The project won a first place award for multimedia news reporting from the Virginia Press Association, was a finalist for the Knight Award for Public Service from the Online News Association, and won honorable mention in online convergence from the Associated Press Managing Editors. (Note: Unfortunately the original site is no longer active on roanoke.com.)

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