Snow shoveling time lapse

About 11 inches of snow at our house in Roanoke, Virginia for our second big snowstorm in 2010. My time lapse didn’t quite work out when I shoveled the first time Friday night, so this is from the second go-around of shoveling Saturday.

Three things I learned:

- Should’ve made the interval between shots less – maybe more like 10 seconds. I had it at 25 seconds.

- Might have been a good idea to shovel towards the camera, rather than away from it, just so my back isn’t to the camera all the time. My usual habit is to shovel towards the lawn, though.

- Could’ve adjusted the ISO and aperture so there was less shadow on me.

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Song is “Snow (Hey Oh)” by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Alltel commerical a blatant copy of old Chris Farley SNL sketch

I wish I had found an online clip of the actual Alltel commercial I’m speaking of. It’s the recent one where the chubby guy with curly hair portraying Verizon (his name is actually Michael Busch) goes on about why people aren’t buying cell service from him.  He uses air quotes as he comes up with a lot of exaggerated examples, including one something like, “So my mother didn’t love me.”

It’s a rip-off of this classic Chris Farley sketch!

Now sure – most comedy builds off previous works. But this is just copying – it’s not anything new. Even worse, I think, is that it’s not even funny.